Thursday, March 31, 2011

Vegas Spring Break

Up here at Utah State I have the privilege of being in many of the bands on campus, one of which includes the band that goes along with the basketball team to the WAC and NCAA.  This years WAC tournament was in Vegas so I got a free trip there for the better part of the spring break week.  So I figured I would post some pictures from it.

Donny & Marie,  . . lovely.


Me and my brother Spencer  before the game.

Yes, I was trying to be awkward with Nate.

Not bad for iPod photography eh?

Overall it was a pretty sweet trip.  They give us 20$ or so a day to do whatever we want, set us up in a nice hotel, and other than a couple of games we just wandered around.  And since we won the WAC they flew us to Tuscan the following week for the NCAA with even nicer hook ups. Swimming and relaxing in 80 degree weather for 3 days is pretty superb if I must say.  Pays to be a band nerd, just sayin...

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